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Singular Designs is now on-line

4 August, 2014 (04:17) | Engineering Data | By: Prof. McCarthy

MechGen 3

MechGen 3

Please see our Singular Designs web-site. We look forward to providing our MechGen synthesis software to simplify your linkage design process in SolidWorks. Also see Mechanism Generator.

Workshop on 21st Century Kinematics

28 July, 2014 (09:04) | Robotics Information | By: Prof. McCarthy

21st Century Kinematics

21st Century Kinematics

The NSF Workshop on 21st Century Kinematics at the 2012 ASME IDETC Conference in Chicago, IL on August 11-12, 2012 consisted of a series of presentations and a book of supporting material prepared by the workshop contributors.

The book is now available at 21st Century Kinematics–The 2012 NSF Workshop.

And here are the seven primary presentations given at the workshop.

  1. Computer-Aided Invention of Mechanisms and Robots. J. Michael McCarthy, Professor, University of California, Irvine.
  2. Mechanism Synthesis for Modeling Human Movement. Vincenzo Parenti-Castelli, Professor, University of Bologna.
  3. Algebraic Geometry and Kinematic Synthesis. Manfred Husty, Professor, University of Innsbruck.
  4. Kinematic Synthesis of Compliant Mechanisms. Larry Howell, Professor, Brigham Young University.
  5. Kinematics and Numerical Algebraic Geometry. Charles Wampler, Technical Fellow, General Motors Research and Development.
  6. Kinematic Analysis of Cable Robotic Systems. Vijay Kumar, Professor, University of Pennsylvania.
  7. Protein Kinematics. Kazem Kazerounian, Professor, University of Connecticut.

Colleagues joined in with two additional presentations:

Many thanks to the contributors and the attendees for an outstanding workshop.

Update: The presentation links have been fixed.

Mechanism and Robotics Notes

27 July, 2014 (17:50) | Commentary | By: Prof. McCarthy

The server in our UCI Robotics and Automation Laboratory has been revived (thank you Kaustubh). This means the links to course notes and to Mathematica notebooks have been reestablished. now links to my web-page which needs work. A laboratory page that will replace this soon.

Eight-bar motion amplifier

3 June, 2014 (20:17) | Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image

Kaustubh Sonawale and Yang Liu worked together on this design study for a micro-mechanical motion amplifier. It is an interconnected set of three eight-bar linkages.

Rectilinear eight-bar suspension

17 April, 2014 (03:17) | Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image
This is a design concept for a rectilinear eight-bar suspension. It does not manage body roll but it does provide compact large travel.

Rectilinear eight-bar linkage

9 April, 2014 (19:57) | Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image

This animation was prepared by Yang Liu for a linkage designed by Kaustubh Sonawale. The eight-bar linkage guides the platform in the approximation to rectilinear motion.

Six-bar linkage with rectilinear moving link

20 January, 2014 (23:15) | Linkage Animations | By: Prof. McCarthy

This is an animation of a Watt I six-bar linkage with a translating link that does not rotate (select the video to begin the animation). This is obtained using GeoGebra to execute a construction described by E. A. Dijksman in his book Motion Geometry of Mechanisms.

UCI’s 2013 Fall Design Review

8 January, 2014 (16:05) | Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

YouTube Preview Image
Over 80 student teams from across the Samueli School of Engineering presented their senior project plans for 2013-2014. Follow their progress at the Winter Design Review in March 2014.

KOCE reports on the California Challenge

28 October, 2013 (18:55) | Automotive Information, Student Projects | By: Prof. McCarthy

This video is a news report on the UCI California Challenge:  KOCE video.

“Kinematics and Polynomials” Available on a Mac

23 October, 2013 (18:11) | Lecture Notes | By: Prof. McCarthy

Until yesterday, my iBooks Introduction to Theoretical Kinematics and Kinematics and Polynomials were available only on the iPad, but now with OSX Mavericks they are available on any Mac. Please give it a try. You can download a sample at this link: Kinematics and Polynomials sample.